About Qapas

Qabas is an online platform with the sole purpose of creating a prolific environment for private education in the Kingdom by facilitating and promoting the housing of qualified professionals in the educational spectrum. The platform is packed with many auxiliary tools that make it easier for students to absorb lessons and enhance their overall understanding, while ensuring the quality of education comes together with affordability.
The app is available to download for free on the App Store on iOS and Google Play on Android.

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A large selection of study materials is available

It targets Qapas school students ranging from elementary to high school, in addition to orientation year students from the undergraduate level, and it also provides a variety of study materials, students can watch the explanation of the materials directly or return to them at any time.

Online and face-to-face sessions

Through our platform, you can set up tutoring sessions in online and face-to-face. Get tutored from anywhere you are through your mobile or desktop device or select a designated location where and when the session will take place.
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Who can use Qapas?

Our platform can be used by students, teachers and parents, as it is suitable for people of all ages so ordering private lessons has never been easier.
Why is the Qapas platform so easy to use?
Ultra-responsive user interface
Our flexible platform comes with support for different screen sizes, allowing you to browse it through the website or download the mobile application on your device.
Simple ordering process
You can easily select the services that meet your needs and display their information accordingly, thus within seconds your order will be successfully placed.
Online virtual classes
A complete virtual school inside the platform, with top-notch educational tools available to help you grasp and understand the lessons presented while you are at home, at any given time.

Qapas’ story

The concept of Qapas was created in March 2019 by a group of students specialized in the field of engineering, as they noticed many of their colleagues had a difficult time understanding some of the study subjects, which negatively impacted their educational attainment and ultimately their career.
They often go to search for private teachers to raise their educational level but at that time, this field was facing problems of randomness and the lack of an organized mechanism for registration and payment.
From this point onwards, the Qapas team sought to create a professional platform to facilitate the scouting and communication process between the student and the teacher.
The platform’s roster consists of an elite group of teachers with the necessary experience to provide the best scientific expertise in the most professional manner at an affordable price. The platform’s roster consists of an elite group of teachers with the necessary experience to provide the best scientific expertise in the most professional manner at an affordable price.

We put the torch in your hands, It lights up the path of knowledge and excellence for you to walk on

Why choose Qapas?


Only the most experienced and most passionate educators in the field.


Finding the right tutor is a guarantee, and if you are not satisfied, you can request to exchange your teacher or receive a refund.

customers service

Our customer support team is at your disposal to help solve any problem you may encounter.

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If you have complaints, suggestions, or opinions that you would like to share, please do not hesitate to contact us!
You can write to us via the contact form below and your request will be handled with care and a reply will be issued as soon as possible.
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