Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all Qapas services and applications. By using or accessing the Services or applications in any manner, you acknowledge that you accept the practices and policies outlined in this Privacy Policy, and you hereby consent that we will collect, use, and share your information in the following ways. 

Will Qapas ever change this Privacy Policy

We are constantly trying to improve our Services, so we may need to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If you use the Services after any changes to the Privacy Policy have been posted, that means you agree to all of the changes. Therefore, we recommend reviewing this page from time to time.

By using our Application you agree to:

  • You will only use the app for lawful purposes.
  • You will not use the app to harm, harass, or annoy anyone.
  • You will not cause any hacking to the system.
  • You will not try to cause any problem to the services or the application.
  • You will maintain your account password, or any identification method provided by you and provide access to your account, in a safe and confidential manner.
  • You will provide us with your identification documents for reasonable matters.
  • Grant of License, Restrictions, and Copyright Policy.
  • Commercial policy.
  • Qapas is using firebase to create user experience reports 

By using the application site, you understand and agree to the student and teacher commercial dealing policy:

  • The teacher selection process is the responsibility of the student.
  • The price per hour is standardized by Qapas and is determined based on certain criteria by Qapas.
  • Qapas is responsible for finding teachers. Qapas is keen to choose the best teachers to provide its services.
  • Qapas takes a commission from the teachers according to the agreement for its services.
  • Maintaining the privacy of both parties and not disclosing any confidential information


  • Provide correct information, and if the information was not correct, then, the person will be subject to suspension.
  • Have honesty, truth, and personal hygiene.
  • Do NOT assist the student in cheating, solving assignments and projects, and writing research papers.
  • Qapas has the right to stop the teacher from completing with the student if the teacher does not comply with the student in the agreed time.
  • Qapas has the right to change the teacher with the student whenever the student wants to change the teacher or withdraw (depending on the case)
  • in the event that the teacher agreed with the student on lessons outside the framework of the platform, this would expose each of them to stop their service from Qapas permanently.
  • The Online lesson will be recorded from the teacher's screen and students can review the recording if needed to review the lesson material, so be careful not to open personal files at the time of the lesson.
  • The first hour is free.


  • The teacher has the right to stop teaching if the student failed with commitment time.
  • Qapas has the right to stop the student from the session with the teacher whenever there is a problem.
  • If the student makes an agreement with the teacher that doesn’t comply with Qapas sessions, then both of them will have their accounts suspended.

General Terms:

This agreement or your use of the site or application does not imply the existence of any joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency in the relationship between you, the institution, and any third party. If it is proven that a provision of the agreement is invalid or unenforceable, it will be canceled so that the remaining provisions remain fully valid to the maximum extent permitted by law. In the event the establishment fails to enforce any right or clause contained in this agreement, then this is not considered a waiver of this right or clause unless the organization has approved and agreed in writing. This agreement constitutes the full terms of the agreement between you and the institution, and it supersedes any previous or existing negotiations, discussions, or agreements, whether written or oral, that the parties concerned may make regarding the subject of this agreement.

Applicable Laws and Regulations:

These terms of use, and their subject matter, and their formation, are subject to the provisions of the laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We agree with you that the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will have exclusive jurisdiction in this regard.

Cancellation and Return Policy
The student can always cancel his request and get the full amount back in the event that one of the teachers does not accept his request, but if the request is accepted by one of the teachers and the student’s cancellation request has been delayed, ten riyals will be deducted from the amount paid and the rest will be returned to the student.
If the student wishes to cancel the application due to a complaint against the teacher, the complaint is verified by reviewing the lesson recording, and the full amount is returned if the complaint is proven to be true.

Privacy Policy:

Qapas Foundation appreciates and takes into account the privacy of users, as well as ensuring the confidentiality of all data collected from them, and therefore Qapas Foundation will not deliver any of your data to any third party unless you agree to this.

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