About Qapas

An electronic platform concerned with creating a fertile environment for private education in the Kingdom. The platform includes a group of qualified private teachers, and many auxiliary tools that make it easier for students to absorb lessons and enhance understanding, while ensuring the quality of education at the best prices.

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A wide range of study materials are available

Qapas targets school students from primary to high school, in addition to preparatory year students from university level, and it also provides a variety of study materials, students can view the explanation of the materials directly or return to them later at any time.

Why choose Qapas?

Simple ordering process
Just select the service that meets your need, enter your details, and your order will be ready in seconds.
virtual classes
A virtual school within the platform that provides you with high-quality educational tools that help you absorb lessons from the comfort of your home.
You can meet with one of the private tutors available in your city on the ground anytime and anywhere.
A guarantee
We guarantee to find the right tutor for you, and if you're not satisfied, you can replace the tutor or request a refund.
Flexible user interfaces
A platform that supports different screen sizes, where you can browse through the site or download the application

We put in your hands the torch that lights you the path of knowledge and excellence

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